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“Al-Ragawi  family”, known as Al-Ragawi General Trading Corporation , which was founded by Haj Abdullah Al-Ragawi  and HajHussein Al-Ragawi , is considered one of the first commercial families that practiced commercial and industrial activity in the Republic of Yemen. More than 60 years ago, the founders started importing, selling and marketing products, starting with trading of spices, salt, and grains in the old city of Sana’a, specifically at Suq al-Milh, or the Salt Market, in 1954. Then, it was the launch of the commercial activity with institutional work, so the year (1997) was the year of establishment of the Al-Ragawi  General Trading, to carry out the activity of import , export, marketing and sale activity in a modern way to keep pace with local and international commercial development, and then the development of industrial activity started with the spices factory and production lines, which necessitated us to develop and expand marketing activities, through establishing  marketing and distribution of products in 2000, in addition to retail branches that have been operating  since (1954) until now, the wholesale sector has been developed by opening wholesale branches in (1997).

Al-Ragawi  Corporation also supports farmers and agricultural crops through purshasing and re-marketing of local agricultural crops and reselling them through  marketing branches and exhibitions of Al-Ragawi  Corporation, the Corporation intends to continue opening its branches within the vision of the managment of the Corporation for 2035 which aims to open branches in Dubai, Riyadh, Cairo, Malaysia, Turkey and America in the future .


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Head Office

Al-Ragawi Corporation for General Trading represented by the Head Office provides its commercial services (marketing, selling, distribution, import and export, and industrial production) to all its customers and suppliers locally, regionally and internationally through departments and sections that manage the main sectors and branches of the Head Office of Al-Ragawi Corporation through its offices located in Sana'a city.

Business sectors

Department of products distribution and marketing and agencies

The developed marketing orientation of Al-Ragawi  Corporation , through Marketing Department that adopts business development strategies, works to develop modern marketing business through trained and experienced staff, and through our huge fleet in distributing and selling our products and the global agencies that we represent in all local and regional markets.

 We can provide a professional marketing and sales service that keeps pace with developments in the local and international markets. Sales and market reports are monitored through advanced digital applications designed and developed specifically for sales and market monitoring by Information Systems and IT Department affiliated to the  General Administration of the Corporation. The outputs of these applications are linked with the main database in the general administration and the departments of marketing and distribution, and the data is analyzed and sorted by specialized employees and then presented to officials of  supervisors and managers so that decisions, instructions and directives that raise sales performance.

Department of marketing and sale is the key pillar of the corporation , through with business is run and managed for all sectors that   that fall into the field of customer service, as we have a wide range of customers who are our partners in success and through them sale is conducted to the end consumers. 

Wholesale branches

Through our practice of business for more than 60 years, we have been able to build trust in the local and regional market with major wholesalers, and this sector is involved to  sell to merchants, manufacturers, and private outlets by providing most of the products that our customers need under one roof to save the trouble of buying for the target wholesalers, in addition to Providing specialized Alragawi product groups produced locally (fenugreek, spices, coffee, tea, legumes, grains, and agricultural crops) as well as foreign products for Alragawi brands, and we were keen to provide sales services at prices that contribute to increasing the profits of our customers who deal with us in the wholesale chains..

Retail branches

It is the activity which witnessed  the success story that started in 1954  from a very small shop in the old city of Sana’a, specifically in Suk  Almelh, where Suk Almelh was the destination for most merchants and customers looking for spices, grains, legumes, and products related to the activity, and over the years, the reputation of Al-Ragawi  was increasing and the goodwill of the shop spreading  among merchants and customers to reach the highest ranks, as the values represented by the founders of Al-Ragawi , Haj Abdullah Al-Ragawi  and HajHussein Al-Ragawi , were the distinguishing mark that led to the development of business and reaching the first name in Yemen in our field of specialization (Al-Ragawi  spices) and with the continuous development emanating from the determination of the founders has now become a chain of retail branches, representing  (5) five branches distributed in different regions in the city of Sana’a and we aim to open our branches in most of the Yemeni governorates, as well as external branches regionally and internationally. The main center and current branches are located in Sana’a City and The five branch is the largest at the level Al-Ragawi Corporation, as well as at the level of sales outlets, hypermarkets, and competitive work in Yemen.

Marketing agricultural crops

Having reached  the first rank , Al-Ragawi   trade name has a great responsibility on the shoulders of the administration, especially in terms of community commitment and support for the agricultural sector, which is the first source of food and the Yemeni national product that must be cared for, and based on this responsibility ,as well as our full belief in the role of national institutions in caring for this important sector, which is the agricultural crops, Al-Ragawi  Corporation had to be a pioneer in this field likewise its rank  in entrepreneurship, and for this reason the agricultural crop sectors are considered one of the first sectors that were worked in institutionally , starting from Al-Ragawi  shops in Suk Almelh in (1954) to Al-Ragawi  Corporation in(1997) until now.

Purchasing agricultural crops from local products are considered an essential process through which these products are re-marketed. Thus, community commitment and values are preserved at the highest levels of the Corporation. We deal with agricultural crops such as  garlic, legumes and other local products, as well as grains and nuts such as barley. , wheat, corn, raisins, almonds, as well as spices in general and many different varieties with high nutritional value. Such products are re-marketed and distributed through our branches and distribution departments, as well as through our dealers in in all cities of the Republic of Yemen, to ensure that it reaches all consumers and customers throughout the Republic of Yemen.

Al-Ragawi Spices Factory

Al-Ragawi  family is considered one of the first commercial families in the Republic of Yemen. It started its industrial and food manufacturing activity very early, and Al-Ragawi spices factory is considered is one of the first modern factories that produce the most demanded products in the local and regional markets. The products of Al-Ragawi factory, are aimed to meet the needs of citizens of the main products that represent the key ingredient of Yemen food with high nutrient value as well as their quality. we use our huge experience and proficiency to select the most quality items used and our social responsibility towards consumers.

Our local products

The industrial sector of Al-Ragawi General Trading Corporation produces many distinguished local products with a large market share with commercial customers and consumers alike, through producing products that have been studied very carefully to meet the desire of consumer and the needs of the markets, which represent high acquisition rates in the markets, due to the connection of our products with "Al-Ragawi " brand, which topped all brands and became the first in Yemen due to its suitability to the tastes of consumers and the high quality and experience amid target markets , in addition to the value of products that Al-Ragawi factory produce in terms connection between the authentic relationship with the past and the future, customs and traditions and the distinctive Yemeni table.

Our external agencies

Through our strategic direction to provide products that include high nutritional value and added value to food, as well as preserving the nutritional value of packaging, and through market studies and research, import decisions were based on the market need for commodities, which represents the social commitment adopted by Al-Ragawi General Trading Corporation Our suppliers were carefully selected for these international agencies (external suppliers and factories) with whom we have good relations, and we always aim to build strategic relationships with them to re-market and sell products with international brands for such external agencies. The values of loyalty, commitment and transparency represent the highest principles in dealings between us and suppliers, noting that that we are always keen to bring products and brands that hold international quality certificates and are made of the finest raw materials and the finest items in order to be presented to our customers in the target markets locally.

Customer-made products
Al-Ragawi spices

In our retail branches ,we have a distinguished group of products including  spices, natural oils and innovative coffee that are designed according to smart professional operational and administrative systems and through long experience in groups of items produced specifically for our customers. The business efficiency of our staff has contributed Positively in developing the quality of products and raising the market share of Al-Ragawi  spices in the markets of natural oils, coffee and spices. In addition, we have a wide variety of product groups that constitute the first choice for customers, which are groups of nuts and snacks for Eids events, as well as specialized mixtures of spices, as well as a variety of foodstuffs through which save the time of our valued customers and make them getting all their requirements under one roof.

Quality and partnerships

Quality certificates and awards

Over the years, the products of Al-Ragawi  factories are products specialized in added value, fine tastes, food preservation and packaging with the best quality, and our commitment to these standards and quality contributed to our obtaining awards in international and local standards for specifications and standards, and obtaining certificates of quality and conformity to standards and certificates of occupational health and safety.

Strategic partnership

Our products are distinguished by their quality and reputation in the region, due to the quality of our partnerships and relationships with our suppliers. Al-Ragawi  General Trading Corporation  builds a close strategic relationship with the best suppliers worldwide, whether in ready-made products for sale locally or raw materials used in industry locally or in Al-Ragawi  spices factories.

Society and the environment

Community Participations

Al-Ragawi  is a part of society in which he works, where social responsibility is one of the strategic starting points for all our activities, and we believe in our community commitment by providing community participation in all developmental, scientific, cultural and national events.

Sustainable Sechnologies

Innovation is one of the most important goals of the Al-Ragawi General Trading Corporation, as it seeks to provide new and innovative products that change the lifestyle for the better and add values that suit consumers and work to improve the quality of societies through our innovative products. Al-Ragawi  Corporation participates greatly in environmental protection programs through its own business sites, as well as through the customers who deal with us through awareness and influence through our employees, as well as we have national and social partnerships with the communities in which we are located.

Al-Ragawi Staffing (jobs).

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The first commercial business of Al-Ragawi was established in (1954) in the old city of Sana’a by the two brothers of Al-Ragawi family (the late / Abdullah Saleh Al-Ragawi and the late / Hussein Saleh Al-Ragawi ), specifically in Suk Almelh(Salt Market), which it is still one of the most important and oldest commercial markets known at the local, regional and international levels. The Historic City of Sana’a is visited by many customers and tourists of different nationalities, and the business still exists to this day.

The head offices of Al-Ragawi Corporation is located in Sana’a , Sheraton area in the center of Sana’a Capital. The wholesale branch is located at the headquarters of the general administration, as well as the retail branch “Al-Ragawi spices” branch No. 2, and the agricultural crops marketing branch.

The activities of Al-Ragawi Corporation are concentrated in four main sectors:
1. Sector of distribution and marketing of products and agencies
2. The wholesale sector
3. Sector of retail branches –”Al-Ragawi spices “
4. Al-Ragawi Spices Factory – Industrial Sector.

The Group’s products and brands can be found on the home page of our website www.alragawi.com

Yemen, Saudi Arabia, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Turkey, China, the United Arab Emirates, and several countries in Africa. We have authorized agents who work through the general administration policies and represent us in the countries that we are currently targeting, and we have a strategic plan to expand our branches and offices directly so that business can be managed independently in the regions and international markets according to the vision of our leadership for the year (2035).

Al-Ragawi General Trading Corporation operates through its various sectors and business activities all over the world as a multinational corporation, with more than 1,000 employees directly and indirectly working in Yemen for us and for our agents and distributors in the Middle East, America, Africa, Asia and Europe.

Yes, Al-Ragawi Corporation participates effectively in environmental protection programs through Al-Ragawi work sites, as well as through customers dealing with us through awareness and influence through our employees, as well as we have national and social partnerships with the communities in which we work in.

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